her path to purpose:

Carolyn mirrors her methods

She is living proof of positive practices – embraced for a life of abundant, boundless joy.

Her dynamic altruism lies in leading others on the journey to joy, just when they need it. Your life, reimagined to hold more health, happiness and heart.

Carolyn’s graduated from the University of Cape Town with an Honours degree in Business Science and was subsequently employed by the Graduate School of Business as a researcher in the Institute of Retail studies.

The travel bug hit her and she spent a year travelling through the USA, Bermuda, Europe and London. She settled in London and started her own business in personal financial planning and portfolio management. The business was a great success.

Deliberate Creation – what are you doing to open the flow of life, love and longevity?

She returned to Cape Town in 1997. Carolyn was employed as a relationship manager in the Syfrets Private bank. She moved up to the position of Product Manager for the Nedcor suite of unit trusts, marketing the funds on a wholesale basis to financial institutions.

Time spent in private banking and the corporate world both in London and South Africa enables Carolyn to appeal to a wide audience range.

Carolyn engaged in years of personal therapy, group therapy and consciousness training.

Her interest in people evolved in a desire to counsel and she studied Imaginal and Transpersonal Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy and Holotropic Breathwork. Carolyn completed her NLP Masters and is registered as a Counsellor with the South African Council for Counsellors. Carolyn is highly trained in Energy Healing through the White Cross Healing Sanctuary and with John of God in Brazil.

Carolyn left the corporate world and started “The Bubbling Well” Healing Sanctuary. The Bubbling Well became the leading healing sanctuary in the Cape Town area, offering bodily, psychological, emotional and spiritual healing through a team under the leadership of Carolyn. Importantly, the Sanctuary’s work was to integrate closely with partnering medical centres and healing institutions.

Excellence, distinction and integrity. These are the words that prevail in the glowing testimonials of countless clients who’ve benefited from life changing transformation over the 20 years existence of the BubblingWell.

Today, Carolyn is serving as a dedicated teacher and counselor.

Following years of intense study Carolyn developed the Science and Art of Deliberate Creation workshop series. These teachings illuminate the Laws of the Universe, which can be studied, comprehended and applied to daily life to gracefully manifest health, wealth or love. An awareness of these laws provides the master key to living a life of abundant joy.

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